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Votes are in.

For those that voted Felix Dean Robinson won the name poll. however, i really like the last name casablancas, so i'm replacing robinson. but i do appreciate everyone who voted. i am keeping the first two names, so your voting wasnt entirely in vain.

i've been freakishly busy trying to get ready for my brother's wedding, it's like i'm the one getting married. sucks even more because i think my holes closed. and i have to babysit, but i dont know when or where and my hairdresser forgot i was supposed to get my hair colored/done.

and JaNee is leaving and i doubt i'll get to see her before she leave, which sucks because i barely got to see her at all.

and i still have to xclean my room, so i can start packing seeing that i'm leaving in three weekends.

oy to the fucking ve.

only good news is that i found a dress and shoes to wear.
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